Park Row Mirrored Houses

Situated across a park and eking out a glimpse of the towers of downtown LA, these hillside homes take advantage of their environment through generous fenestration and present a playful, simple and clean interplay of volumes.
Each house is accessed from the front through an anchored gangplank separated from the building and leading to a split-level landing from where the visitor can descend into the living area or ascend into the rest area.



ParkRow-35-FINALThe open floor plan of the kitchen/living is punctuated with a couple of double-height ceiling areas (see interior images) that take in the view through glass walls, while the kitchen area is marked by lower ceilings to give it a womb-like intimacy.

ParkRow-25-FINALThe upstairs master bedroom has equally enticing views while the remaining bedrooms are at ground level.  The houses have identical floor plans but identifying factors have been blurred by mirroring them and by a different treatment of exterior materials.