Silverlake Condominiums

These 4 units emerge as a 2-story building resting on a semi-subterranean garage. Designed for a narrow, long lot with light pitch towards the street, the building presents a porous morphology, with interlocking geometrical volumes that break up an otherwise massive presentation. Waterloo-1 This breaks the monotony of a long strip and creates several interior/exterior spaces (patios and decks) that provide residents with the “California living” experience –opportunities to enjoy outdoor living spaces that yet remain private.Waterloo-7 Waterloo-Front-Model A basic premise of the design was to achieve maximum structural and functional simplicity while also reaching an interesting, playful effect. The public spaces are located in the first floor, where a movable glass wall mounted on pivots allows a covered patio area to be converted into an interior space. The exterior façade and front elevation look to bind the building to the neighboring structures and acts as a transition between the dwelling on the left and the houses on the right. Waterloo-Back-Model Left elevation Waterloo-Left-Model Right elevation Waterloo-Right-Model Detail