The Philosophy

To better understand our design philosophy, it is useful to trace a comparison between architecture and sculpture. Both art forms deal with spatial aesthetic considerations but architecture incorporates an additional dimension: besides the external presentation of object or form, it is also asked to address issues associated with functional objectives — the internal, living space.

Not every human-scale construction can be considered architecture. We reserve that definition to work that achieves a certain level of deliberate thought, where the lines that form the space have been placed in a premeditated manner to achieve a specific communication and functional objective.

The point of departure for every one of our projects is careful consideration of the following elements:

  • Purity of line
  • Role and interplay of light and shadows
  • Honest y of materials and textures
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Practical, clever resolution

These are brought together to create spaces inhabited by a particular individual, who, in turn, is the gravitational center of our work.

Progressive design that that is simple, beautiful, comforting and practical coupled with the traditional business values of honesty, excellence and service.