In Our Customer’s Words:

“Thank you so much for guiding our project through this complex process. Even though it will probably take 2 months for this clearance, you have made it possible to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“You and Teo are seriously the best people I’ve worked with so far during this entire project which we started envisioning 2 years ago! ”

Pauline Mauro
Eagle Rock, California

“We have enjoyed working with Tayo Design Studio (TDS).  As a development firm, all aspects of our projects are critical in terms of time and costs and we can say unequivocally that TDS is instrumental in helping us reach the goals of good design, in time, on budget.

“On a new construction projects, TD provided us with effective negotiations with the City of LA regarding access and zoning requirements.  It then proceeded in interpreting our vision for modern urban dwellings by presenting us with a great concept which will translate in very desirable properties.

“On existing projects, we have counted on TDS to help clarify, correct and re-interpret architectural design features to enhance the existing plans.

“I strongly recommend Tayo Design Studio to anyone considering their services.

Miguel Duran, Partner Cal to Cal Investments
Pasadena, California

“I have clients who have worked with the TDS team on remodels that include patios, kitchens, interior and exterior color schemes. I have also sold some of their design projects and had clients who have used their services for new construction projects. They are easy to talk to and have some great design ideas. They are willing to interact with you on your project at whatever level you are comfortable with.

“I was impressed with Teo’s connection with the emotional effect that his architectural designs produce. Architecture and design are about creating a desired emotional state. How a space flows, separation from private and public areas, and the emotion that natural light produces are just a few of the things to consider. The clearer and artist can convey these emotional e ffects, the better you understand the outcome of your project prior to any work being done.”

Darren Hubert
Los Angeles, California

“Teo Berndt, the designer behind TDS, provided a concept for the project that integrated my suggestions with his creative ideas; it allowed for future building homeowners to enjoy the “California Experience.”

“The TDS team helped me present the project to neighbors, neighborhood councils, and the Zoning Administrator. In the end, their dedication went a long way towards wining approval.

“A few months ago, I had never built anything. Now, we are weeks away from beginning construction on my first major project. I can say with confidence: If you are looking for an architect that can turn your vision into reality with dedication and creativity – then you are looking for TDS.”

Mark Semotiuk
Silverlake, California